The Winery of Tenute Filigheddu

Our Winery

The winery, made out of an old barn, was built with comfort and efficiency in mind. We use modern technologies that allow us to obtain genuine, typical and quality organic wines.

We work with stainless steel tanks equipped with a cooling system, and we use selected yeasts.

White wines

We produce three white wines, all Vermentino di Gallura DOCG: Dècchitu, Caldòsa Superiore and Caldòsa Vendemmia Tardiva. The harvest is manual. The two Caldòsa ferment in part in contact with the skins. All the wines age both in steel and in the bottle.

Our winery

Red and rosé wines

Our red, Ballòi, is a blend of Muristellu, Cagnulari and Caricagiola. Our rosé, Lupalàu, is obtained from Muristellu alone. Both wines age both in steel and in the bottle. The harvest is manual.

Our winery

Our Wines

We explore the many possibilities of Vermentino, the main grape variety here in Gallura, but we also give space to other valuable native grapes.


Gallura is also a land of reds

Caldòsa Vendemmia Tardiva

Sensory complexity and balance.