About Us

The Story of Tenute Filigheddu

The Producer

My name is Maria Grazia Filigheddu and I am the owner of Tenute Filigheddu, a family-run winery, founded by my father Salvatore in the mid-2000s.

While I was attending university, I felt stronger and stronger the attraction of the land, until I decided to dedicate myself full time to the winery. In particular, I am in charge of the administrative and commercial duties, but I also work regularly in the vineyard, and loving it. My father is an agronomist with a long experience: he cultivates the land, directs the work in the vineyard and collaborates with our oenologist in the winery.

We grow native grapes (Vermentino, Bovale, Muristellu, Caricagiola, Cagnulari) and we use organic and sustainable agronomic techniques.

Our wines express in a personal way the typicality of our land. The quality and genuineness of our products largely depend on the favorable terroir. In fact, our intervention in the winery is light and accurate, never invasive.

Our Story

My family has had a close relationship with the countryside for generations. In 2005 my father Salvatore decided to convert into vineyards part of the land owned in Caldòsa, around the town of Arzachena. It was the beginning of an increasingly exciting adventure.

In 2014, new vineyards were born in Pulcheddu, just outside the tourist port of Palau, and an old stable was converted into a functional winery.

In 2017 we switched to integrated farming and with the 2019 harvest we obtained the organic certification for all our wines. For us, quality is inseparable from genuineness.

In addition to viticulture, we dedicate some plots to the breeding of beef cattle.


Our work is guided by a passion for the land and for its best natural and cultural expressions. In addition to Vermentino, we are giving more and more space to indigenous red grape varieties.

Tenute Filigheddu is a modern and growing winery. The planting of new plots in Pulcheddu will soon allow us to increase the offer from 12,000 to 20,000 bottles. Also in Pulcheddu we will create a tasting space, while in Caldòsa an old renovated stazzo will allow us to welcome visitors.

Our goal is to increase the diffusion of our wines and offer a well-integrated enotourist experience allowing a pleasant, fascinating exploration of the culture and nature of Gallura.