Tenute Filigheddu

Wines of Gallura

Wines of Gallura

Tenute Filigheddu is an organic winery in Gallura (Sardinia, Italy). The vineyards are located partly in Arzachena and partly in Palau, where the winery is also located. We produce three Vermentino di Gallura DOCG wines and two Colli del Limbara IGT wines.

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Wine tourism: We offer tastings of our wines accompanied by platters of local cold cuts and cheeses, with a suggestive view of the vineyard and the La Maddalena Archipelago. By appointment only.
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Hours: from 5pm to 9pm.

Vineyards - Tenute Filigheddu

The Producer

We make quality wines expressing the typical characteristics of our beautiful land of Gallura. Both in the vineyard and in the winery we only use organic techniques, respecting the natural environment and limiting human intervention to a minimum.

Organic Winery
Maria Grazia Filigheddu

The vineyards

The vineyards of Tenute Filigheddu extend for about 9 hectares in total. Half of them are in Caldosa (Arzachena) and half in Pulcheddu (Palau). The terroir is typical of Gallura, and it enjoys the beneficial influence of the sea and the wind. We adopt organic and sustainable agronomic practices.

Our wines

We produce five wines, all organic: three whites, one red and one rosé. Discover their identities and choose your bottles!

Caldòsa Vendemmia Tardiva

Sensory complexity and balance.


Gallura is also a land of reds

Caldòsa Superiore

Our first born is still unparalleled.

The winery

We use stainless steel tanks that preserve the colors, aromas and flavors of the grapes. We use selected yeasts, carefully accompanying the evolution of the wines and making sure that they fully develop their natural characteristics.

Winery - Tenute Filigheddu

The territory

Both for nature and for culture, Gallura is a corner of Sardinia with a distinctive character. In a few minutes you pass from the crystalline sea, famous all over the world, to the millenary oak woods and rocks sculpted by the wind in fantastic shapes. It is the land of the stazzi and of ancient rural traditions in which wine has always been a protagonist.

Gallura - Tenute Filigheddu